Aug08vlad(utzu) i’m so glad that something in Romania moved you in such way that you’ve wreittn two blogs about your time spent here, and i’m glad that what your enlightment is actually true.yes, the hopes of romania are the children but i’m not shure that the children of today.i’m 17 now and i don’t think my generation is strong enough to change something now maybe in 20 years when we might leed this blessed country,if we will leed it with new ideas,modern ones, with love and friendship and not a leedership based on interests and power. i’ve learned from you johnny a lot about love, adding some ideeas to my own and also enforcing my already existing ones . you’ve changed me a little, in a good way of course, makeing me a better have u done that?with the love that you spread allover the place.thankslove, vlad